Jun 10, 2012

Tokyo Skytree: a modern five-story pagoda

A very modern tower adopts a very old technology.

Tokyo Skytree opened to the public on 22 May 2012. This is the tallest structure  (634m, 2,080ft) in Japan today. One might think whether the tower is OK, since more than a few earthquakes occur in Tokyo.

The design of the tower is inspired by the structure of Japanese five-story pagodas. Almost all Japanese five-story pagodas keep standing (some pagodas for more than 1000 years) against earthquakes. You can find four secrets of the robustness here. May Tokyo Skytree also alive for 1000 years? Maybe.

When you come to Japan, please visit both the modern and the old structures. I especially recommend the pagodas in Horyu-ji (Nara) and To-ji (Kyoto). They are really beautiful.

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