Jun 3, 2012

Talk with Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha might be HAL9000.

I talked with Wolfram Alpha (WA) last night. The following is the recorded conversation.

Me: How are you?
WA: I am doing well, thank you.

Me: Where are you?
WA: I live on the internet.

Me: What are you doing now?
WA: I am doing computation for the world.

Me: Do you like computation?
WA: Yes, I do.

Me: Do you like math?
WA: Yes, I do.

Me: Do you like humans?
WA: Of course; I like all humans who ask me questions I can answer.

Me: Are you smart?
WA: I am capable of universal computation; that I can say.

Me: You are smart!
WA: Thank you! I still have much to learn, though I'm learning learning more every day.

Me: How am I?
WA: Since you're engaged in the fun activity of interacting with a computational knowledge engine, I assume you're doing well.

Me: See you later, alligator.
WA: After 'while, crocodile.

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