Jun 2, 2012

Beyond Shannon with your iPhone

I posted an entry about beyond-Shannon signal reconstruction by H optimization. Based on this method, an iPhone application, FANTABIT, has been designed and recently released. The iTunes page says
Automatically upgrade your flat, compressed iTunes music library into rich sounding music with the FANTABIT player!
Listen to your iTunes library with in full dynamic range using the FANTABIT audio enhancing technology and player. This high quality music player is for discerning audiophiles who are tired of listening to uninspiring, compressed music. Install the FANTABIT player and your iTunes music library is instantly converted.
Audiophiles can take full advantage of expensive listening equipment (high-end cables, speakers, headphones, etc.,) to listen to the fully restored music and sounds from their iTunes library using the FANTABIT player. FANTABIT allows you to take full advantage of your system, immersing yourself in the richness of your favorite music.

Compressed sensing (CS) is another beyond-Shannon method, which, to my knowledge, has not been applied to such real-time audio. This is mostly due to the computational cost of optimization in CS reconstruction. Actually, the H reconstruction requires just up-sampling and filtering, which is much faster than CS.

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