May 20, 2012

Recent papers on compressed sensing for control systems

In my past entry, I mentioned that compressed sensing is not so popular in control systems community. However, there are a couple of researches on control systems with compressed sensing.

Trajectory generation

State observation

Optimal control

Networked control
As I mentioned before, there remain difficulties to use CS for control systems (esp. closed-loop ones).  I believe this subject (CS for control systems) will become more important.

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  1. Hello Dr. Nagahara,

    Thanks for putting all the compresed sensing for control system together.

    We also did some work in using compressed sensing for feedback control, specifically, image based feedback control. We showed that using partial image information (compressive feedback), we can still have stability results.

    J. Zhao,B. Song, N. Xi, K. Lai, H. Chen, and C. Qu, Compressive Feedback Based Non-vector Space Control, American Control Conference (ACC), Montréal, Canada, 2012.

  2. Hello Dr. Jianguo Zhao,

    Thank you for letting us know a nice paper on feedback control with compressed sensing. It is very interesting.